Sep 06

Mezzanine Floors

Why install a Charter Interiors Mezzanine Floors?

Many companies run out of floor space and as a result consider moving to a larger and often more expensive premises.

If you have an area, say a warehouse or factory, with unused headroom, a cheaper alternative can be to stay where you are and to install a Charter Interiors Mezzanine Floor.

New Mezzanine Floors can be designed for many different uses including Storage, Workshops and Offices. Many clients continue to use the area under the Mezzanine for its original purpose, while using the space on their new mezzanine floors to satisfy their additional space requirements. It is of course possible to utilise the areas under and on the new mezzanine for offices, meeting rooms, washrooms, a canteen, in fact almost anything you can think of. We have even installed floors for such diverse uses as a Printing Plant and Industrial Freezers.

Once constructed the rooms on and below a mezzanine floor are virtually indistinguishable from a conventional building. All those services required to make a modern building function, can easily be installed during the construction process.

Depending on the headroom available Charter Interiors can design and install multi-storey mezzanines that take full advantage of the available space. In most cases you do not need Planning Permission to install a Mezzanine Floor, however, Local Authority Building Regulations must be complied with, and equality is a consideration. Charter Interiors have many years of experience in installing Mezzanine Floors and our team can handle the total process for you.

Charter Interiors can also undertake all the fire protection work that are related with installing a new mezzanine floor by fitting fire rated column casings and up to 1 hour fire rated suspended ceilings, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

From design….


To completion….


To summarise, installing a Charter Interiors Mezzanine can save you money by eliminating those costs associated with a move.

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